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Our monthly webinar series highlights specific tools that a park, NPS program, or an external partner might use to further landscape-scale conservation. They're usually about an hour. This gives us enough time for participants to gain a general understanding of the tool, how to use it, and who to contact for more information. These are open to all of our partners and the public.

Past Webinar Recordings by Topic

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Cultural Resources

We work with Tribes and other partners to help conserve cultural resources.

trail in woody area with steps

Trails and Rivers

There are many opportunities for Connected Conservation along trails and rivers.

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Wildlife Connectivity

Fragmented habitat is a huge challenge in landscape-scale conservation. Learn about some new tools for wildlife connectivity.

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Working with Partners

Partners make connected conservation possible.

trees in front of sand dunes in front of mountains

Landscape Scale Initiatives

Some conservation projects cover large expanses of land, sea, and sky.

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NPS Programs

Many National Park Service programs are uniquely positioned to support connected conservation.

the milky way over a desert landscape

Dark Skies

It takes cooperation and collaboration to successfully conserve night skies.

ocean waves breaking on the beach

Seascape Scale Initiatives

The National Park Service works with partners to conserve ocean and coastal resources.

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Gateway Communities

This collection of webinars explores opportunities for parks to engage with their gateway communities in landscape-scale conservation.

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