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Changes in the atmosphere are having impacts on regional and global scales. Resources about changes in the atmosphere, and more specifically, about carbon and greenhouse gases, can be fundamental to your audience understanding and caring about climate change. These few resources may help you start to explain why changes in the makeup of the atmosphere are significant.
Global Carbon Project: Carbon Budget
Annual updates of the global carbon budget and trends are included here. Up-to-date graphics and figures reflecting current carbon emissions and predictions are available. Powerpoint figures and images are also included that you can use in programs and products.
This is an interactive site from the National Center of Atmospheric Research where you can find a variety of graphics that relate to the atmosphere and climate. It allows you to search out specific figures, and sets of data, together with analysis of its strengths and limitations, for you to apply to your particular impact, or theme.

Carbon Sequestration to Mitigate Climate Change [PDF]
This handout from the USGS discusses both natural and human sequestration of carbon. Accompanying concern for increasing emissions of carbon in the atmosphere, some discussions for what options exist for storing it in ocean or land-based environments.

Last updated: August 12, 2019


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