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Wildland fires are forecast to increase in frequency, duration, and range by as much as 80% over the next century. Key resources about the impacts of climate on changing fire regimes are as follows:
Wildland Fire - Research, Readings, and Synthesis
From the U.S. Forest Service's Climate Change Resource Center, this is a series of readings, briefing statements, and other related sources for resource managers. Of particular interest is their Research Roundup of summaries of studies related to fire and climate change. (See the Research tab.)
Climate Change and Wildfire
A 2014 Article in Science Daily talks about the increase in fire activity over recent decades. In the western US, burned areas could increase by more than 50%. Fire is not only a result of warming climate, but it’s also a positive feedback mechanism.. (Full text of the article available.)
Wildfires in Alaska [PDF]
From the Alaska Fire Science Consortium, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, and Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning: this fact sheet identifies several potential impacts associated with climate warming and increased fire activity in Alaska.

Last updated: September 22, 2016


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