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Welcome to the Climate Change Communication Toolkit! The toolkit is intended to complement the National Park Service Climate Change Interpretation and Education Strategy by providing support for climate change communicators. Within you will find the resources you need to effectively communicate climate change to the public in your park or protected area.


Understanding Climate Change

A variety of resources to help you understand climate change are located here. Within this section you'll find the subpage Science (link), which will contains a bunch of science stuff. You'll also find NPS policies (link) as well as Adaptation (link) and Mitigation (link).


Understanding Your Audience

To communicate climate change, you need to learn about who you're talking to. Inside this section you'll find this page and that page, and these other pages as well.


Communicating Effectively (or "Communication Tools")

This section provides tools, techniques, and assistance to communicate climate change more effectively. Within this section you'll find blank, blank, and blank. The blank page and blank will help do whatever.


Encouraging Engagement

This section will help ensure you're able to stay in the loop after checking out this toolkit. Here are some mailing lists to sign up for, some twitter accounts to follow, news sources, etc.

Text below all the links for whatever? Submission information and such?

Last updated: April 23, 2015


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