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Two-level ferry approaching beach in distance
Ferry to Gulf Islands National Seashore, established as alternative transportation due to sea-level rise and increased storm frequency and intensity
The NP Adapt Report Portal allows users to view and download records of climate change adaptation actions in the NPS. Users can filter records based on criteria such as geography, specific resources or management concerns, or particular aspects of climate change that the action addresses.

NP Adapt functions as a centralized location for information about climate adaptation examples where anyone can obtain and share information. Climate adaptation actions seek to reduce climate change impacts to NPS natural or cultural resources, visitors, or facilities and infrastructure, or take advantage of opportunities that a changing climate presents.

More information on use of the NP Adapt Report Portal.

NP Adapt Report Portal

Keyword search
  • Pulls up all records containing the specified keyword in any of the text fields of the database.
Geographic search
  • Allows users to search all records within specific areas (e.g. a specific park unit, state, US Forest Service region, congressional district, etc.). The search is based on the spatial location of the NPS unit(s) in which the adaptation action occurs, such that if any part of the park occurs within the area being searched, the search will return the example listed for that park.
    • Note: The ‘Park Unit’ geographic search option allows the user to search not only for records of adaptation actions in a specific park (e.g. ABLI), but also for actions that occur across an NPS region (e.g., IMR) or across the NPS as a whole (i.e., service-wide). Note, also, that the region- and service-wide options do not serve as a ‘select all’ feature to view records of all adaptation actions documented within all parks within the area (this type of search can instead be accomplished by choosing all or some regions after electing to do an ‘NPS region’ geographic search); instead, a region- or service-wide query pulls up only records that are specifically tagged as pertaining to all parks across the chosen region or across the NPS.
Stressor and management focus search
  • Allows users to search records relating to a specific climate stressor (e.g. sea-level rise, erosion, etc.) and/or resource focus or management concern (e.g. cultural resources, natural resources, visitors, facilities, etc.). This is a ‘filter search’, where the user is provided a dropdown list of all options available for the field, and returns records for the selected fields. One, multiple, or no values can be selected for each of the Stressor and Foci fields. An example Stressor and Foci Search would be to query all records addressing humidity increase and visitors.
Advanced search
  • Combines the three previous searches, allowing users to query any combination of stressors, foci, geography, and keywords (e.g., adaptation records addressing changing erosion, focusing on facilities, in the Pacific West Region).

Last updated: August 10, 2018


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