National Climate Change Interpretation and Education Strategy

NCCIES cover
"The changing climate surrounds us, compelling us to tell the story."

The 2016 National Climate Change Interpretation and Education Strategy [6.5 MB PDF] advances four broad goals and supporting actions as a systematic approach for communicating about the science and impacts of climate change across the National Park System. The strategy aims to help parks engage in place-based climate change programming that encourages park staff and visitors to discover personal relevance to climate change and share those connections broadly with others.

To support these efforts, the Climate Change Communication Toolkit (3CT) has been developed as an online companion to the strategy, supporting interpretation and education personnel with resources that facilitate the inclusion of climate change topics in programming. The 3CT is organized across five broad topics that provide resources designed to help communicators make their messages both relevant and local.

"Climate change is not a future event; it is happening now. It is time for the NPS to participate in, facilitate, and inspire critical conversations around this very important issue. There may be no conversation more important in our time."

Last updated: June 11, 2021


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