About Civil Rights

B&W photo of finger print card with Rosa Parks signature

The Birth of the Civil Rights Movement

From 1941-1954, post-war America begins to grapple with the social and legislative changes that reshape the national conversation.

B&W photo of civil rights leaders standing next to President Eisenhower

The Modern Civil Rights Movement

March into history with the transformation figures and events of 1954-1964.

Picture of large brick high school

Places of Power and History

Visit the many places across the United States that tell the collective story of civil rights in America.

men stand arm in arm in front of american flag; B&W photo

Civil Rights Champions and Challengers

Explore the many faces of the Civil Rights movement and learn more about the contributions.

color photo of statues depicting sitting at a lunch counter

Pivotal Moments, Powerful Stories

Walk the journey of the civil rights movement from the early foundations of our nation to modern times.

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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