Backyard Camping

Two children peeking out of their tent in the backyard
Introduce your children to camping by pitching a tent in the backyard.

NPS Photo / Nathan King

If you've never camped before, want to introduce children to camping, or need to test your new sleeping bag, consider camping in your backyard. You don't have to be in a "real" campground to learn the art of camping and to make memories.
There are a few benefits to camping in your backyard:
  • The house is right there - The familiar setting and security of the backdoor lit at night is the perfect testing ground to introduce sleeping under the stars, especially to kids. If the weather is bad outside, the kids are too afraid of the dark, or you need to dash to the bathroom, your house is right there.
  • Memories in the making - Some of the very first memories of camping as a child begin with pitching a tent a few yards from the house. Make it a fun family event. Invite relatives or friends to share in the experience.
  • The testing ground - Do you need to master the art of making the perfect s'more, or learn how to prepare meals outdoors? Use your backyard to get a feel for what it's like to sleep on the ground, to prepare a meal outdoors, or to test your gear.

Backyard Camping Activities

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