Soldiers holding flags at attention while several others look on all around them
Buffalo Soldiers of the 367th Infantry hold the U.S. flag and company flag during an event in the pouring rain.

U.S. Army

Choose from one of the four eras below to view stories about the Buffalo Soldiers during that time period. From the Army Reorganization Act of 1866 to the integration of the last troops in the Korean theater in 1951, you'll find incredible and inspiring stories about these men and the legacy they established.

Timelne Eras

Choose from one of the four periods below or click on a quicklink to go to that page:

Several african american soldiers pose for a relaxed photo
The Early Years: 1866 - 1890

The inception of the Buffalo Soldiers in 1866 and their work in the western frontier.

Several african american soldiers standing for a company photo
An Emerging World Power: 1890 - 1916

The Buffalo Soldier's roles in the U.S. expansion into the far east and into the Caribbean.

Several african american soldiers stand at attention for company photo
WWI & Post-Great War: 1916 - 1935

The disappearance of the Regular Army's Buffalo Soldiers regiments in WWI & the newly-formed divisions that took their place in Europe

Several african american soldiers posing for a General's review
WWII & The Final Chapter: 1935 - 1951

The Buffalo Soldiers return to Europe for a second world war and the last chapters of the storied Buffalo Soldiers.

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