Eighty-Five Years of Courage, Valor & Heroism

They joined for a better life and to fight for their country. They served valiantly on foreign battlefields and in the face of egregious racism at home. Explore the places throughout the country that these African American men known as the Buffalo Soldiers helped build, protect and operate. Immerse yourself in their stories as you are enlightened by these inspiring and remarkable legacies.

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Buffalo Soldier Events

Browse through all of the Buffalo Soldier-related events going on at various NPS sites throughout the country.

Soldiers standing next to their horses at the Presidio

Visit Buffalo Soldiers Sites

Visit the NPS sites throughout the country where the Buffalo Soldiers were once part of.

An African American ranger dressed as a Buffalo Soldier talks in front of a portrait of Chas. Young

The Buffalo Soldiers Study

The Buffalo Soldiers Study has been completed and now is headed to Congress. Learn about and read the study focused on these patriots.

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The Buffalo Soldiers

Explore and read the stories of these incredible men and their decorated history of over 85 years.

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Buffalo Soldiers Timeline

Search through the different eras of the Buffalo Soldiers history to read stories from specific periods.

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Buffalo Soldiers Regiments

Here you'll find the stories of the Buffalo Soldiers sorted by the regiments of which the men served in.

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In the National Parks

Buffalo Soldiers served as the first rangers for the country's new national parks, long before the creation of the National Park Service.

Several army soldiers on horses pose with their mounts on a large, felled tree.

Yosemite National Park

A condensed history of the Buffalo Soldiers and their purpose in national parks in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Six soldiers stand and pose for a photo with three giant fish in the background

Klondike Gold Rush Nat'l Historical Park

They protected the community of Skagway in spite of discrimination from those they served.

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Fort Davis National Historic Site

After the Civil War, the Army re-established Ft. Davis to protect travelers on the San Antonio-El Paso road.

Last updated: September 30, 2019