Taking Action

Call to Action Item 7 works by bringing the public of all ages and backgrounds together with NPS partners inside parks for biodiversity discovery events, in hopes to foster a appreciation in a new generation.
A new generation of citizen stewards and scientists
The National Park Service envisions creating a new generation of citizen scientists and stewards through biodiversity discovery.
Biodiversity discovery in parks
Hundreds of national parks participated in biodiversity discovery efforts of various levels and scopes, resulting in the discovery of more than 8,400 species including species both new to the parks and new to science
Public involvement
Thousands of people have participated in biodiversity discovery activities since 2011. Participants include people of all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels, including professional scientists, educators, students, children, families, national park staff, and park visitors.
Biodiversity discovery efforts draw upon the expertise and help of many partners, including schools, communities, state and local agencies, universities, professional scientists, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and more.

Last updated: March 15, 2016


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