What We Do

The National Park Service preserves, protects, and shares our nation's special places and stories. Many of those sites are solemn reminders of moments of conflict in American history, when individual soldiers chose self-sacrifice to protect their values and community. Additionally, the NPS preserves the memory of war's lasting effects on civilians and the homefront, wartime production and forts, and memorials to soldiers. All of this in an effort to shine a light on the difficult moments in our past.

In 2021, there are currently:

  • 4 National Battlefield Parks

  • 9 National Military Parks

  • 11 National Battlefields

  • 1 National Battlefield Site

  • Numerous National Historic Sites that contribute to this national story.

Man in NPS uniform stands in pit, measuring depth with string and ruler
Battlefield Preservation

Learn about our efforts to preserve battlefields in and outside our National Parks

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National Park Service Battlefields

Visit and explore National Park Service Battlefields

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Battlefield Stories

Learn about the history surrounding America's battlefields

Last updated: June 10, 2022