Parkitecture, The NPS Rustic Style

The birth of national parks in the late 19th centry brought with it a unique and new style known as National Park Service (NPS) Rustic or, as it's more affectionately known by NPS staff, 'Parkitecture.'

Infused with native materials, natural whole logs, and built by hand (or meant to look as if it was), 'Parkitecture' defines the National Park Service experience in the collective memories of visitors just as much as our natural landscapes. In part, this is because the buildings were designed with the purpose of blending into landscapes instead of imposing upon them.

Some of the primary examples of "NPS Rustic" design include:

Hotels & Grand Lodges
Campgrounds, Cabins, Camps and Shelters
Park Administrative Facilities
Firetowers and Lookouts
Entrances, Gateways & Signs
Information and Interpretive Centers
Bridges & Roadways
Other Recreation Facilities

Explore the fascinating stories of the NPS Rustic or 'Parkitecture' style below.

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          Last updated: August 1, 2023