Wildlife in Alaska

Large, unfragmented land, little development, and relatively pristine environmental conditions make Alaska well known for its abundant wildlife. Alaska's parks provide visitors with up-close experiences with wildlife unlike anywhere else in the nation. The large tracts of land and water within the parks serve as a sanctuary for wildlife and a place to continue traditional hunting practices for native Alaskans.

Preserving the natural composition, abundance, diversity, and processes of Alaska’s parks is fundamental to the mission of the National Park Service. It provides the opportunity for the public to observe wild lands in an unimpaired state now and in perpetuity. Further, these areas offer unique opportunities to conduct scientific studies on natural systems and can serve as a sentinel for changes impacting our world.

Sport hunting in national preserves was established under ANILCA and continues today. Learn more about Alaska's wildlife regulations and view an interactive story map.
A sow and cub grizzly bear

Learn more about bears in Alaska.

A Dall's sheep high in Denali's mountains.
Dall's Sheep

Looking into the rocky faces of Alaska's mountains, you may see the striking white coats of Dall's sheep.

Two muskoxen in the Arctic tundra

Muskoxen can withstand the brutal cold winds of the Arctic tundra.

A large bull moose

While moose are plentiful and commonly sighted in Alaska, it is always a thrill to see them.

A Golden Eagle soaring

Alaska has abundant bird species from migratory birds, shorebirds, and sea birds.

Bull caribou

Caribou are the nomads of the north, making seasonal migrations up to 400 miles in length and traveling as much as 50 miles a day.

Harbor seal popping out of the water
Marine Wildlife and Fish

There are whales, seals, sea otters, and many other marine wildlife species in Alaska.


Some visitors to Alaska are lucky enough to hear or see wolves.

A fox trots through a meadow
More Alaskan Wildlife

Learn about all the other species of amazing Alaskan wildlife.

Caribou swimming across a river.

Alaska has some of the most amazing animal migrations on the planet.

Last updated: February 15, 2022