Safety & Security

The National Park Service values your safety above all. To protect you and the park, visitors and their belongings are subject to a security screening before boarding the ferry to the park.

A second security screening is located at the entrance to the monument for those holding crown or pedestal reservations. Please note that the list of prohibited items differs depending on ticket type.

We appreciate your patience and understanding of these procedures!

Primary Security Screening

A primary security screening, similar to airport security procedures, is located in Battery Park, New York City or Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. All visitors boarding any Statue City Cruises ferry to Liberty Island and/or Ellis Island must pass through a screening facility before boarding.

It is recommended that you include ample time and maintain a flexible schedule to include boarding the ferry and security screening. Wait time can be several hours, particularly during peak seasons, including summer, weekends and holidays.

There are no locker storage areas at the screening facilities in either Battery Park or Liberty State Park.

Prohibited Items On The Ferries

DO NOT carry any of the items mentioned below into the security screening area. Items that are surrendered will not be returned. If you are unsure about an item, please do not bring it. DO NOT leave items unattended at any time.

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

  • ALL weapons, including: firearms, any dangerous items, any "dual-use" items that could be dangerous. All of these items are strictly prohibited in the park and on the ferry system.
  • Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), drones and other similar remote-controlled flying devices or vehicles.
  • LARGE packages. Suitcases, carry-on luggage and other large parcels will not be permitted on the ferry systems or at Liberty and Ellis Islands.
  • Face masks and/or costumes which are designed to conceal the identity of a person are prohibited.
  • All permanent and erasable markers.

Secondary Security Screening

Located on Liberty Island (Monument Entrance)
A secondary security screening, similar to airport security procedures, is required for those entering the monument with Crown or Pedestal reservations. Locker facilities are available at the entrance to the monument. Lockers can be rented for 2 hours, and require a 25¢ deposit (quarters only). A change machine is on site. There is an ATM inside the gift shop.

Pedestal Access

Those with reservations to the pedestal, the stone base that the Statue of Liberty sits on top of, must secure the following items in a locker:
  • ALL FOOD & DRINKS (except water in a clear plastic bottle)
  • ALL BACKPACK-STYLE BAGS (including over-sized bags, drawstring bags, and backpack purses)
  • Strollers
  • Tripods
  • Large non-folding umbrellas
  • Laptops, tablet keyboards
  • Pocket knives

Crown Access

Those with reservations to the crown of the Statue of Liberty are ONLY PERMITTED to carry with them:

  • Camera (camera bags not authorized)
  • Mobile phone
  • Water (in a clear plastic container)
  • Any necessary medication


If you have any questions regarding security procedures, please contact the park.

Thank you for your cooperation. Safety is everyone's responsibility.
If you SEE something, SAY something to a U.S. Park Police Officer or National Park Service Ranger.



Last updated: October 11, 2022

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