New Visitor Security Screening Facility

Back of the statue of liberty with building on the side
Liberty Island New Secondary Screening Facility

NPS Photo, 2019

Project Description

Due to safety and security protocols, visitors entering the Statue of Liberty are required to be screened through airport style screening. This new facility, opened in 2019, replaced the functions of a temporary tent structure that sat on Liberty Island’s Main Mall, directly in front of the entrance to the statue.

Tree Restoration Project from the top of the Statue's Pedestal
Liberty Island's Previous Secondary Screening Facility Leading to the Statue of Liberty's Entrance

NPS Photo, 2016

Why did we undertake this project?

The previous temporary tent screening facility was difficult to maintain and required frequent repairs. Hurricane Sandy severely damaged the structure in 2012. The new building is designed to be much more resilient to weather. Its solid walls and modern equipment will enhance the sustainability of the operation and improve occupant comfort.

The new building also increases the efficiency of visitor screening. It is a purpose-built facility, designed with security in mind, and cuts down on congestion and long lines that had been observed with the previous structure. The location of the building, off of the island’s pedestrian pathways, makes it easy for our visitors to walk freely throughout the island without obstructions.

Lastly, the previous temporary tent sat in the middle of the Main Mall, where many visitors first approach the Statue of Liberty. The new building is nestled discreetly against the base of the monument, allowing for unimpeded views of the statue.

Last updated: December 21, 2023

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