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State of the Park Report for Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Chapter 3 - Summary of Key Stewardship Activities and Accomplishments

The Friendship of Salem<br />  Fireworks on Derby Wharf<br />  Friendship of Salem and Pedrick Store House on Derby Wharf, Salem Maritime National Historic Site The Salem Custom House<br />  West India Goods Store<br />  Women in traditional dress walk past St. Joseph Hall on Derby Street during a Polish Community parade, c. 1940. Derby Wharf extends ½ mile into Salem Harbor and is a popular resource for public recreation and interpretation. Jolly Boat Rides<br />  Derby House<br /> 

The list below provides examples of stewardship activities and accomplishments by park staff and partners to maintain or improve the condition of priority park resources and values for this and future generations:

Natural Resources

  • Pepperweed removal on Derby Wharf

Cultural Resources

  • Prepare Cultural Landscape Report
  • Derby House Archeological Investigation
  • Conservation of Custom House eagle
  • Re-cataloging park library to increase access
  • National Registry listing development

Visitor Experience

  • Increased opportunities for hands-on activities by visitors
  • Youth sign-making program
  • New wayside panels for SAMA
  • Increased number of staff who conduct educational programs
  • Sailed the Friendship of Salem to New York City. Sixteen diverse interns with the Student Intern Intake Program (SCIP) participated
  • Friendship of Salem was used to train 25 U.S. Navy sailors in how to sail a tall ship
  • New film at Visitor Center
  • Electronic/digital information board at Visitor Center
  • Walking tours provided to tell about Nathaniel Hawthorne, architectural talks
  • Volunteers in Parks program: 23,084 hours contributed by volunteers at SAMA and SAIR
  • New wayside exhibits were designed with QR (Quick Response) codes to allow visitors to access additional content about the exhibits via their smart phones
  • The Visitor Center showcased temporary exhibits from Essex National Heritage Area site that encourage visitors to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of local coastlines and the richness of our historic heritage
  • The Visitor Center was nominated by the Salem Chamber of Commerce for a Salem Community Service Award

Park Infrastructure

  • Repaired exterior brick walls of Visitor Center
  • Re-pointed exterior of Derby House
  • Friendship hull repair
  • Pedrick Store House rehabilitation on Derby Wharf
  • Derby House carpet & interior painting
  • Hawkes House rehabilitation (design component has been initiated)
  • Replaced Public Stores fence & Narbonne House fence
  • Replaced West India Goods Store windows
  • Painted exterior of Narbonne House & WIGS
  • Replaced Public Stores & Narbonne House boardwalks (Green Product)
  • Custom House portico and cupola restored
  • Future Leaders Program (40 youth positions)—recruiting local youth
  • Greening of site: Use reel mowers and battery powered weed-trimmers to maintain building area grounds
  • Continually repaired path and landscape erosion on Derby Wharf
  • Completed boardwalk around the Narbonne House
  • Maintained lawns, beaches, and other elements of the cultural landscape
  • Annual and comprehensive condition assessments are conducted for buildings and utilities

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