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State of the Park Report for Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Chapter 2 - State of the Park

The Friendship of Salem<br />  Fireworks on Derby Wharf<br />  Friendship of Salem and Pedrick Store House on Derby Wharf, Salem Maritime National Historic Site The Salem Custom House<br />  West India Goods Store<br />  Women in traditional dress walk past St. Joseph Hall on Derby Street during a Polish Community parade, c. 1940. Derby Wharf extends ½ mile into Salem Harbor and is a popular resource for public recreation and interpretation. Jolly Boat Rides<br />  Derby House<br /> 

This online version of the State of the Park report, and the associated workshop summary report, provide additional detail and sources of information about the findings summarized in the report, including references, accounts on the origin and quality of the data, and the methods and analytical approaches used in data collection and the assessments of condition.

Resource condition assessments reported in this State of the Park report involve expert opinion and the professional judgment of park staff and subject matter experts involved in developing the report. This expert opinion and professional judgment derive from the in-depth knowledge and expertise of park and regional staff gained from their being involved in the day-to-day practice of all aspects of park stewardship and from the professional experience of the participating subject matter experts. This expert opinion and professional judgment utilized available factual information for the analyses and conclusions presented in this report. This State of the Park report was developed in a park-convened workshop.

The State of the Park is summarized into four categories:

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