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Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

Resource Brief – Electric vehicles powered by glacier-fed hydroelectric power

An electric vehicle at Klondike Gold Rush NHP
An electric vehicle at Klondike Gold Rush NHP

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to save energy, Klondike Gold Rush NHP operates and maintains a small fleet of electric vehicles including four Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), one Solectra Van, and one Ford Escape Hybrid.

This fleet provides year-round transportation for employees working within the park. The Solectra Van provides transportation to the Maintenance Team and serves as a traveling shop stocked with electrical and HVAC parts and tools. The vehicles are driven an average of 4,340 miles annually.

The electricity that provides power to charge these batteries is provided by the glacier-fed hydro power plant. The cost to provide 40 miles of driving is about one dollar. The Park's five electric vehicles cut fuel consumption by approximately 1,480 gallons which equals a reduction of 28,955 lbs. of CO2 emissions annually.

Visitors in the park are very interested in these electric vehicles; as a result the park has created a window placard that explains some of the features. Park employees have spent many hours talking with the visitors about the vehicles. Most recently, the park created a short video featuring the fleet of Electric Vehicles for "Greening of the Parks" that won an NPS award and can be viewed on the park's website: Watch the video. The park intends to purchase additional electric and hybrid vehicles.

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