A Springfield Rifle-Musket

Pvt. John Chase, 6th Vermont Infantry
Private John Chase, Co. G, 6th Regiment, Vermont Infantry, 2nd Division, 6th Corps, Army of the Potomac

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Pvt. John Chase was wounded at Cedar Creek, VA, in October 1864.
A typical Federal Army MUSTER_IN form from the Civil War

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

John J. Chase's DETACHMENT MUSTER-IN ROLL, dated September 22nd, 1862.
Camp Griffin, circa 1863
Camp Griffin was established in the fall of 1861 at a Virginia site about four miles from the "Chain Bridge" which crossed the Potomac River above Washington, DC. On October 24th, the 6th Vermont Infantry arrived in camp, completing the "Old Vermont Brigade".

courtesy: Military History Institute

Gen. Hooker's March 1863 order
Unit combat recognition was greatly enhanced by a system of distinctive badges in the form of insignia applied to equipment and clothing. Some of these same badges are still used in today's US ARMY.
6th Corps Division badges 1863-65
All corps badges were arranged with a sequence of RED, WHITE, and BLUE for first, second, and third division respectively. Pvt. Chase's 2nd Division used the white cross.

from Gen. Hooker's CIRCULAR, March 21, 1863

6th Corps Vermont colors & banners

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Vermont 6th CORPS pennants and a ragged color, from an old photograph.

Close-up of the 2nd Division, 6th Corps insignia cut into Pvt. Chase's rifle musket

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Personalized weapons are very rarely found from the Army of the Potomac.
Pvt. John Chase's Springfield US M1863 Rifle Musket
Private John Chase's Springfield US Model 1863 Rifle Musket

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Springfield US M1863 Rifle Musket
An original Springfield US Model 1863 Rifle Musket in original condition and configuration in the Springfield Armory collection

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

US M1863 Rifle Musket background
The musket goes home to Vermont
General Orders 101 facsimile
weapons price list 5 June 1865
This is the weapons price list from General Orders 101, stating that a musket costs $6.00.

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

Pvt. Chase's mustering-out form with $6 purchase of the musket included
Pvt. John J. Chase's mustering-out of the Army, 19 June 1865.

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

John J. Chase's DETACHMENT MUSTER-OUT ROLL, dated June 19th, 1865, in the "Defences of Washington, D.C.". Note that he was last paid 31 December 1964. Recorded is his wounding 19 October 1864 (at Cedar Creek, Virginia) and $6 taken out of his pay "for gun & equipts retained under G.O. 101 W.D.".

Many thousands cheap surplus weapons were released into private hands through General Orders 101, providing rifles, pistols, carbines, and muskets that found their way into the hands of Americans in the decades following the Civil War. As a result, commercial sales of new weapons plummeted driving many makers out of business.

Pvt. Chase's Vermont service certificate

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

John Chase settled down on a farm in Fayston, Vermont, after the war.

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