Walking Classroom Marchers Guidelines



One hundred fifty (150) youth (ages 18-25) from the United States, its territories and the counties along the historic trail will participate in a week-long educational "walking classroom" that will focus on the right to march, the responsibility of all Americans to participate fully in the democratic process, and how the Selma To Montgomery March, its events and people led to the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This week-long "Walking Classroom" (54 miles from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama) will be a memorable, life- changing, experience for participants. Through discussions with the actual foot soldiers of the March, participants will learn of the strife and sacrifice that was endured for our country's sake. Youth, even children, were not spared from the violence that occurred 50 years ago. This journey will provide participants an opportunity to reflect and share with their peers and a broader audience the ongoing struggle for human rights, the impact of the events of 1965, and the residual influence those events have upon our nation –and the world –today.

Audience/Student Participation Goals

Students/Participants will:

·Recognize the sacrifices made for equality 50 years ago and contemplate if they would have had the courage to do the same.

·Consider whether true equality has been reached and how they might be peaceful agents for social change in the world today.

·Be introduced to the Selma to Montgomery NHT, its themes and issues reflected in the inherent meanings.

·Complete a series of actions to understand how the Voting Rights Movement impacted civil rights in the United States.

·Journal their experiences each night at Camp either on paper or through social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and personal blogs) for the purposes of sharing this historic re-creation with others.


·Must be between 18-25 years of age before March 1, 2015, to participate in the overnight camp;

·Must be a citizen or national of the United States of America and/or territories including the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands;

·Must be physically able to participate in a 12-mile a day walk in temperatures ranging from 45° F to 90°.Total potential walking miles is 54 miles;

·Must be comfortable with the outdoors and camping multiple (5) nights;

·Must agree to complete all activities relating to the Walking Classroom;

Must show enthusiasm while participating in all activities and consideration for others during the five day march;

·Must be able to provide one's own transportation to and from the event's Base Camp at the Lowndes Interpretive Center in White Hall, AL. Participants must be on time to all pick-up and drop-off locations in accordance to the event schedule;

·Participants are required to stay at Base Camp (Lowndes Interpretive Center or City of St. Jude) when not actively walking;

·Sign the National Park Service photo/video release forms;

·Sign the Walking Classroom "Code of Conduct";

·Upon selection, marchers will be required to enroll as Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail Volunteers and be subject to a background investigation;these forms will be attached or included in the acceptance email or letter;

·Upon Conditional Acceptance, marchers must provide Personal Identification Information in the form of official picture ID such as a valid state driver's license or other government issued identification card to complete selection process;

·The camp is five (5) days and nights, four (4) nights on the site of Tent City, Lowndes Interpretive Center, White Hall, Alabama and one (1) night at the City of St. Jude Catholic Church campsite, Montgomery, Alabama;

·Participants will camp as Marchers did historically, with sleeping bags and in tents;

·Tents and sleeping bags are provided to participants, participants can bring their own sleeping bag if preferred but are not allowed to bring their own tents;

·Meals, snacks, and water will be provided for participants;

·Selected participants will be informed by email and/or phone, so all applicants must have an active, regularly checked email account and/or phone number;

·Each night participants will attend educational sessions led by guest speakers and performers;

·Should a participant have a physical limitation, accommodations may be made during the March as much as possible. If a participant has a physical disability that necessitates assistance with moving throughout the Base Camp, they should alert organizers ahead of time these requirements, as camp area may not have firm and stable surfaces or ADA ramps;

·Participants will camp and perform personal hygiene in separate spaces designated for males and females;

·24-Hour Security will be provided by the National Park Service Law Enforcement Division and Base Camp Supervisors at each location: Lowndes Interpretive Center and City of St. Jude Catholic Church;

·Participants with medical needs (allergies, taking prescription medications, etc.) should bring
their medicines and other health-supportive items (with included instructions) and take as needed. Staff is unable to administer medications;however, basic emergency medical services will be available at all times;

All students are encouraged to make arrangements with their educational administrator for days of absence from class. An official letter of acceptance and a certificate of participation upon completion of the March will be provided by The National Park Service.


In order to maintain the historic integrity of this commemorative event, participants are expected to abide by the following rules:

·No weapons

·No alcoholic beverages

·No illegal substances

·No unruly behavior

Anyone violating the aforementioned rules will be immediately removed from camp and all related activities. Any person removed for violation of rules will be asked to leave and will be personally responsible for arranging immediate for travel home.

Disclaimer: We will try to stay as historically accurate as possible, due time constraints all 54 miles may not be walked.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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