City of Saint Jude Story

Bernard LaFayette: The last day of the march, the night before we went into Montgomery on the borders, or the edge of Montgomery, there was this Saint Jude, which is called the City of Saint Jude. It was actually a separate city. The movie stars and actors and entertainers who came, you know, the Harry Belafonte and Sammy Davis Junior, and many others, Peter, Paul and Mary, you know, all those people. They came and they, you know, participated and showed their support. And it was really Harry Belafonte that rounded up all these entertainers, and he used to get on the phone and tell ‘em they had to be involved. And he would twist their arms and ankles and whatever else he had to twist, you know. He was the one that mobilized them you might say. You know. But they were there.

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Last updated: April 14, 2015

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