Amelia Boyton Arrest

Amelia Boynton: There were 67 people who were standing along the side of the courthouse, and they said, “Get in this line.” He said, “Get in this line.” I said, “I’m going to my office.” He said, “I said get in this line.” I said, “I’m going to my office.” I said, “Get in this line.” He ran behind me, and I just didn’t think that he would do anything. But he grabbed me in the back, propelled me around and started pushing me down the street. At that time I didn’t know whether I should forget about non-violence, take my left hand as I am left handed and give him a sock in the eye, or whether I should go limp, or permit him to push me. And these 67 people said, “Go on Mrs. Boynton. Go on to jail. We’ll be there with you.” And of course he pushed me a half block, threw me into the car, and carted me off to jail. And naturally I felt very badly. I started crying.

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Last updated: April 14, 2015

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