Saint Paul's Church Program Schedule

Program Schedule:

June - September 2022

Most of these programs will be presented as hybrids. We are pleased to welcome a live audience, but we will also be offering the programs through shared platforms. Registration is necessary for the livestream option, through the Contact e mail listed below.

But please be aware that conditions related to the COVID 19 pandemic could cause changes in those formats. Thank you.

Contact e mail for these programs:

Schedule of Presentations:

Sat., June 11, open from noon to 4 PM.

2 PM. A dramatic presentation by Carla Lynne Hall and Jim Keyes, exploring the story of “Ona’s Interview: The True Story of George Washington’s Runaway Slave”.

Sat., July 2, 1 PM. Kurt Deion shares and explores his adventures as a Presidential Historian & grave hunter, with an emphasis on the era of the American Revolution.

Monday, July 4, beginning at 10:45 AM. Our traditional Independence Day celebration, featuring a reading of the Declaration of Independence and tolling, 13 times, of the historic church bell. Keynote speaker is scheduled to be Dr. Larry Spruill, long-time City Historian of Mt. Vernon (NY) and Professor (Emerita) of History at Morehouse College in Georgia.

Sat., July 9, 1 PM. Dr. Robert Selig, Project Historian, National Park Service, for the Washington-Rochembeau National Historic Trail, explores themes from his chapter, "Hessian Savages, Frog-Eating Frenchmen, and Virtuous Americans" in the celebrated collection, The American Revolution: A World War.

Sat., July 16, 1 PM. Professor Kurt Piehler, of Florida State University, who is also Director of the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience, at Florida State, explores themes from his recently published book, “A Religious History of the American GI in World War II”.

Sat. July 23, 1 PM. Dr. Michael Crowder, Public Historian at the Paine Institute of Iona College, who also teaches American History at Queens Colleg/CUNY, will explore the writing and influence of Thomas Paine during the era of the American Revolution.

Sat., Aug. 20, 1 PM. Professor Charles Ingrao of Purdue University explores themes from his book, “The Hessian Mercenary State: Ideas, Institutions & Reform under Frederick II, 1760-1785.”

Sat., Aug. 27, 1 PM. Prof. Larrie Ferreiro of George Mason University, co-editor of “The American Revolution: A World War,” explores themes from his article, “Rewriting the American Revolution,” which appeared in that outstanding collection, in a live, distance presentation, with audience in the museum, and also available as a livestream, shared platform.Sat.

Sat., Sept. 3, 1 PM. Ranger Michael Callahan explores the content and significance of a series of remarkable World War II letters to Bernice Bailey, an English teacher at a Mt. Vernon High School, from her former students serving across the world in the armed forces, part of our current feature exhibit, “A Special Role: St. Paul’s Church and World War II”.

Monday, Sept. 5, 1 PM. Labor Day. Linda Russell, acclaimed balladeer, sings and interprets songs of the labor movement.

Sat., Sept. 10, 1 PM. Enjoy an hour of classical guitar music, performed by Daniel Conant.

Sat. Sept. 17, 1 PM. Author and archeologist Dr. Eugene Boesch explores the culture, history and legacy of the Lenape Indians, native inhabitants of the St. Paul’s vicinity.

Sat., Sept. 24, 1 PM. Dr. Phil Papas, Senior Professor at Union County College, NJ, author of several books on the era of the American Revolution, including “That Ever-Loyal Island: Staten Island and the American Revolution,” explores the Loyalists of the American Revolution.

Schedule is subject to change.

Last updated: June 8, 2022

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