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August - December 2016

St. Paul's Church National Historic Site is open for tours of the site's rich, 340-year-old history, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. We are open 1PM to 9 PM the first Thursday of each month, except August. The site is also open the second Saturday of every month, from noon to 4 PM, except October, when we are open the third Saturday of the month, instead of the second Saturday. Parking and admission are free.

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Sat., Aug. 13, open from Noon to 4 PM
Join us at 1PM for a discussion of the "War in New York, 1776-1783". The program will include the New York Campaign of 1776, the Burgoyne Campaign of 1777 as well as an overview of the fighting which continued in New York until 1783. Also included will be the participation of Indians and African - Americans who served on both sides during the Revolution.

We regret that the originally scheduled program has been cancelled.

Wed., Aug. 17, 1 PM
The Authors of St. Paul’s:A presentation exploring the lives and writings of three authors buried at St. Paul’s -- Frederick Whittaker, a leading 19thcentury dime novelist; Matthew Graham, a Civil War veteran and regimental historian; Lyon Boston, a prominent 20thcentury lawyer and writer of a personal memoir

Th., Aug. 25, 2 PM
In recognition of the centennial of the National Park Service, join us for a digital presentation that explores the interesting story of the transition of St. Paul’s from a church to a Park site in the 1970s.
Thursday, Sept. 1. at 7 PM
As we approach the centennial of American entry into the Great War, a presentation explores America and World War I.
Monday, Sept. 7, open regular hours 9 AM to 5 PM
Labor Day:Tours throughout the day recall the various and shifting occupations over the centuries of men and women interred in the historic cemetery. There also will be a 1 PM presentation, “The American Labor Movement through Song,”by music historian Robert Cohen.
Sat., Sept. 12, open from Noon to 4 PM
At 1 PM, learn about Journalism & Politics in America: A History through a talk by Prof. Mitchell Stephens of New York University, author of many books on the history of journalism, including A History of News, which has been translated into five languages and was a New York Times“Notable Book of the Year.” Professor Stephens’ talk illuminates themes in the site’s feature exhibition, “Intrigue on the Village Green: The Election of 1733 at St. Paul’s”.We also offer tours of the historic church and cemetery, one of the nation’s oldest burial grounds.
Monday, Oct. 10, open regular hours,9 AM to 5 PM
Columbus Day. There will be a presentation in the museum at 1 PM exploring the history of Columbus Day. Children can enjoy special crafts projects related to the Holiday, in addition to scavenger hunts focusing on the historic church and cemetery, with prizes. Tour the historic church and burial yard.
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 10 AM
Tour of Pell’s Point Battlefield. Join us for a walking tour of the Split Rock Golf Course, in Pelham Bay Park, site of the Revolutionary War battle of Pell's Point. Reservations must be made in advance through St. Paul's; space is limited; call 914-667-4116 for details.

Fri., Oct. 14, 7 PM
Candlelight Tour & Historic Music Program. Tour the historic cemetery by candlelight, visiting the graves of soldiers and civilians who lived through the American Revolution; hear a performance of 18thcentury music byLinda Russell & Companie, in the historic Church; refreshments served -- part of the Battle of Pell’s Point Encampment.


Sat. Oct. 15, 10 AM to 4 PM
Battle of Pell’s Point Encampment. An encampment that commemorates the nearby 1776 Battle of Pell’s Point. It includes talks on the American Revolution, musket firing and militia drill, period music and dancing, dramatizations, crafts and cooking, historic children's games and toys, with dozens of costumed re-enactors, representing the armies that fought in the Revolutionary War.

Thursday, Nov. 3, 7 PM
St. Paul's and the Presidents. A digital program exploring the interesting and varied connections of five Presidents -- from Washington to F.D.R. –to St. Paul's Church.


Friday, Nov. 11, open regular hours, 9 to 5
In recognition of Veterans Day, at 2 PM Andrew J. Peters,Organist and Music Director at Second Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, who also plays Organ with the St. Louis Symphony, performs a special recital on the 1830 Erben, one of the nation’s oldest working organs. Our 11 AM Veterans Day ceremony in the church is, followed by tours recalling the lives and service of soldiers buried in the historic cemetery. At 12:30 PM. Paul Gettler, who teaches history at local colleges, explores the history and significance of Veterans Day. Children can enjoy historic activities, with prizes.
Sat., Nov. 12, open from noon to 4 PM
The French and Indian War
At 1 PM, Professor Laura Chmielewski of SUNY Purchase explores the French and Indian War. Often called the Seven Years War, this struggle in North America, Europe and beyond,which many historians now view as the first modern global conflict, led to British control of North America. Professor Chmielewski’s books include, “The Spice of Popery: Converging Christianities on an Early American Frontier” and “The Atlantic Experience: Peoples, Places, Ideas”.
Friday, Nov. 25, 1 PM
Songs of America.
A performance, and sing along, of songs from colonial times through the 20thcentury, helping to chronicle America's story, with historical commentary.

Thurs., Dec. 1- 7 PM
A Holiday performance by the acclaimed Bronx Opera Company, with arias and duets from the classics, along with seasonal carols and traditional favorites.
Sat., Dec. 10, open from Noon to 4 PM
Holiday Music & The Holiday of Christmas
Join us for a 2 PM Holiday performance of Holiday music, featuring Harp, French Horn and voice. Arrive early at 1 PM for a presentation about the historical development of Christmas as a holiday in America.
Thursday, Dec. 15, 10 AM - Noon
Bill of Rights Program. An educational program marking the 225th anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights.
Sun., Dec. 18, 2 PM
Holiday Organ Concert. A recital by acclaimed organist Kathryn Jones featuring classical music on the 1830 Erben (accompanied by soprano), including some traditional carols and Holiday favorites. Refreshments served.

Dec. 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30- 10 AM to 4 PM

Family Holiday Program. Historic games, activities, music and demonstrations, designed for children on vacation from school, as well as parents, adults, and others.


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