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St. Paul's Church offers a variety of resources for teachers including field trips, curriculum materials and in-class presentations.

St. Paul's Church National Historic Site

897 S. Columbus Av., Mt. Vernon, NY 10550

Dear Educators:

August 2020

( As a public health precaution, group visitation, including field trips for school groups, has been suspended at this time. As an alternative, we are pleased to offer live, narrated virtual tours of our national historic site. These FREE progams are presented through shared platforms, in co-operation with educators, and they include questions, answers and review exercises. They run about an hour, exploring the historic character of the 18th century church, museum exhibition on the American Revoluiton and the historic cemetery, one of the nation's oldest burial yards. Themes and content are similar to topics the youngsters would have learned about on an actual field trip. To arrange for a live, narrated tour, please contact the site at 914-667-4116 or through the on-line request form. )

The information below would again be relevant and applicable should in-person, educational field trips resume at St. Paul's.

We are pleased to introduce you to an interactive educational program that explores the era of the American Revolution, at St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site, located in Mt. Vernon, New York. Through demonstrations, interpretive tours and a museum exhibition, students learn about the Revolutionary War, in the context of St. Paul’s N.H.S., while developing basic social studies skills. We begin with a common overview and the introduction of questions which guide the program. Students are divided into three groups of equal number, leading to manageable ratios of children to our interpretive staff when the youngsters visit separate learning stations. Each station develops different themes related to the overall topic; each utilizes a distinctive approach to learning the material.

Among these is an interactive demonstration by our staff about the use of the church as a field hospital during the Revolutionary war. Students also gain an appreciation of the role of technology in the changing approaches to play over the centuries by enjoying colonial toys and games. A tour of the historic cemetery considers the lives of people who experienced the revolution, and encourages the students to draw conclusions from symbols and epitaphs on the gravestones. A student -directed exercise in the museum develops team work, research, time management and reading for details while the students learn about the important Battle of Pell’s Point, which was fought near the church in 1776. At the conclusion, we reassemble to consider the introductory questions and offer closing comments. Pre and post visit activities supplied to teachers enhance the educational experience.

Designed for elementary and middle school age students, the program helps meet State level social studies curriculum requirements. There is no charge. Group sizes can range from 45 to 90 students. The program is available between the months of October and December and mid March through mid-June. We have space on the historic Village Green for bag lunches. St. Paul’s N.H.S. is located at 897 South Columbus Avenue, Mount Vernon New York. For more information, or to schedule a class visit please contact the site at 914-667-4116.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you and your students at St. Paul's N.H.S.

Last updated: September 1, 2020

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