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The Ties That Bind, From Slavery to Freedom

The Turner-Nelson Family. Three generations of an American American Family Living in the Shadows of St. Paul's Church

The staff of St. Paul's N.H.S. have produced an elementary school social studies curriculum that explores the remarkable story of the Turner-Nelson family, an African American family that lived for three generations from slavery to freedom, near St. Paul's Church. They were born in Westchester County, New York during the American Revolution, and were an integral part of the community now called Mt. Vernon. They owned land, paid taxes and raised generations of children. Life centered around their family farm, religion, the cemetery and nearby Eastchester Creek. This multi lesson unit also develops basic skills including comparison and contrast, literal understanding, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, reading comprehension and map skills. It was produced with assistance from the Rebecca Turner Elementary School, Mt. Vernon, NY, and Dr. Larry Spruill, City Historian of Mt. Vernon. Educators interested in the curriculum can contact the site at 914-667-4116, or e mail us through this web site.

For a copy of the teachers' guide.

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Coming of Age in America

The staff of St. Paul's Church National Historic Site have developed a multi-lesson, elementary school curriculum unit that explores the early history of St. Paul's, "Coming of Age in America: A town in Westchester County, New York, from Colonial Settlement to the arrival of President Washington." Lessons utilize an interesting variety of primary source materials, and develop many basic skills. The unit was produced with assistance from Lincoln Elementary School, in Mt. Vernon, New York.

It includes a teachers' guide and student booklet. To learn more, click here.

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