About the Project

Your Parks Have Climate Stories is the product of a 2021 partnership between the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication (4C) and the Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance (UERLA).

The National Park Service’s Climate Change Response Strategy includes a commitment to participate in partnerships that increase scientific understanding of climate change and address its effects. The UERLA and 4C partnership began in 2012 with the goal of creating communication products for parks in the National Capital Area (NCA) that show how climate change is impacting the natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources in the parks. Program interns have developed a variety of products ranging from park ranger communication toolkits to park-specific webpages.

Your Parks Have Climate Stories draws on the past product research and information to tell the stories of how climate change is harming the values of our NCA parks. Past projects and climate communications resources can be found on the 4C project website.

George Mason University’s 4C conducts unbiased public engagement research—and helps government agencies, associations, and companies apply the results of social science research—so that collectively, we can stabilize our planet’s life sustaining climate and prevent further harm from climate change. 

National Park Service. Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance. Your Parks Have Climate Stories.

NPS Photo / Graphic by 4C

Last updated: December 8, 2021