Connecting Science and Education in Coastal Alaska

Alaska is home to eleven coastal national parks. Collectively, these parks encompass 3,600 miles of coastline and account for 32% of the coastline managed by the entire National Park Service!

At the Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center, we promote 
stewardship of these parks' marine-influenced ecosystems through education and research. Explore the pages on this site to learn more about our work.


A teacher learns about marine life
Teacher Workshops

Learn more about our marine science teacher workshops connecting educators and scientists throughout Alaska.

Dramatic coastal rock formations in Alaska
Ocean Literacy Principles

The Ocean Literacy Principles provide a framework for understanding how we as humans rely upon, and impact, the world's oceans.

Three young people look through a field guide on a rocky coastline
SeeBird: The Next Generation of Stewards

A collaboration in Seward is engaging students in real-world science and collecting meaningful data to support seabird conservation.

Alaska intertidal zone
What We Do

Learn more about our mission and work, and explore our Strategic Plan and Annual Reports.

Two women standing in tundra
Videos of Our Work

Explore the coastal and marine science videos we've created for our partners and partner parks.

Coastal brown bear in Alaska
Resource Briefs

Read summaries of the research, monitoring and management we support.

Last updated: December 28, 2021