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Researcher peers into a spotting scope on the beach.
Researcher Joy Erlenbach conducts bear research on the Katmai Coast. NPS Photo/Kaiti Chritz

The Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center not only promotes scientific research and stewardship in all of Alaska's coastal national parks, but is dedicated to increase the awareness of ocean issues. Alaska's coastal national parks are adjacent to large and dynamic bodies of water: the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea, and the North Pacific Ocean.

These bodies of water have unique physical features that lead to a high seasonality of biological productivity. Current climate-related trends in the Bering Sea, like reduced sea-ice cover, may have profound impacts on the biological diversity and fishing resources of this area. And while seabirds and marine mammals can be some of the most visible organisms in and around these parks, it is the tiniest drifting ocean plants (called phytoplankton) that fuel all the life in the sea.

This page features articles that not only explore these subjects, but other interesting and pertinent marine topics that will demonstrate how all of Alaska's coastal national parks are connected. Discover and explore with us!

We also have annotated lists of peer-reviewed marine science research papers, complied by year:

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    Last updated: February 12, 2019