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As unparalleled living laboratories, national parks offer researchers priceless opportunities to study unique natural systems and living organisms. The resulting science benefits society and develops the scientific information needed to make effective management decisions.

Learn More About Park Science

Resources Day

Every spring Denali scientists share information on a wide range of topics relating to research taking place in the park. The presentations are open to all, and particularly relevant to park staff, local educators and guides (hiking, flight seeing, etc.), staff of local businesses, and anyone else who routinely works with visitors in and around Denali.

We are excited to expand Resources Days in 2019! Please join us for presentations and field trips on the following dates:
  • May 1, 8 am—12 pm: Science and stewardship presentations at the Denali Visitor Center
  • May 8, 8—9:30 am: Science and stewardship presentations at the Denali Bus Depot
  • May 22, 8 am—12 pm: Science and stewardship presentations at the Murie Science and Learning Center; 1 - 5 pm: Frontcountry science and history field trips
  • May 29, 8—9:30 am: Science and stewardship presentations at the Murie Science and Learning Center; 9:30 am - 5 pm: Guided bus trips
Exact schedules of speakers, topics, and field trip themes and destinations will be distributed in the next couple of weeks.
All are welcome to attend, with emphasis on people who routinely interact with Denali visitors. Content from the morning presentations on May 1 and 8 will largely be repeated on May 22 and 29, so you will likely want to attend only one of those two-day sessions. If you have flexibility in the days you attend, we recommend avoiding May 1 as space will be tight.
If you work for NPS or represent a park partner and you wish to have yourself or your staff attend an afternoon field trip on May 22 or a guided bus trip on May 29, please RSVP with dates and staff numbers, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
Learn About Park Science

Learn About Park Science

Denali’s science summaries help you learn about research that touches every nook and cranny of this beautiful park.

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Check in on Annual Research Updates

Researchers in Denali study just about everything imaginable, and each year they tackle new and exciting topics. Check out current studies.

Current Science & Research Opportunities

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Research Grants

This program provides financial support for one or two large research projects per year that increase the profile of park sciences in Alaska

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Information for Researchers

Find information on applying for research permits, housing, and amenities for researchers working in Denali.

Last updated: April 8, 2019