Located in Denali National Park and Preserve, the Murie Science and Learning Center is run by the National Park Service in partnership with Alaska Geographic and other organizations.

An artist sketch of the Murie Science and Learning Center

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Main Building

Exhibit Area

Visitors to the MSLC can talk with science educators, engage in hands-on science activities, and explore the exhibit area. The feature exhibit showcases fossilized dinosaur footprints and a mural depicting Denali during the Cretaceous era. There is also an interactive Maker Space for youth, and comfortable chairs and science publications to enjoy on cold and wet days.


A large classroom adjacent to the exhibit area is used for classes, activities, meetings, and films. The classroom can be divided into two smaller rooms.

Murie Hall

The Murie Hall adjacent to the MSLC main building is used for classes, presentations, meetings, activities, and catered meals. In the winter it serves as an indoor picnic area where park visitors can warm up and view park films.

Teklanika Field Camp

a yurt surrounded by benches and picnic tables
Yurt and outdoor seating at the Teklanika Field Camp

Courtesy Alaska Geographic

Situated at Mile 29 of the park road along the Teklanika River, the field camp provides convenient accommodations within the park for MSLC education courses. The field camp is approximately a one-hour drive from the park entrance area in a park bus or permitted MSLC van.

Teklanika Field Camp has no electricity, plumbing or heated areas, yet it provides a very comfortable and easy place to stay within Denali. The field camp features 20-foot diameter yurt for meeting and dining. It also has a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and a storage shed for cooking gear and food.

Six tent cabins provide bunks for four people per cabin. The tent cabins were built in 2004 by the Anderson High School building trades class.

Last updated: May 19, 2022