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Murie Science and Learning Center Discovery Camp. NPS Photo.
Murie Science and Learning Center Discovery Camp.

NPS Photo

Enhancing STEM Learning

Research Learning Centers (RLCs) provide the opportunity for educators to bring real-world, place-based science to students in accordance with state education standards. Whether bringing park-based science into your classroom, or bringing your class into a park, RLCs can help create an engaging and relevant experience for your students.

RLC curriculum-based programs include lesson plans, pre- and post-visit activities, classroom programs, and teacher guides. In addition, many RLC websites contain research data, project summaries, and media that can be incorporated into your own lesson plans.

Many RLCs also offer teacher professional development workshops, field seminars, teacher-ranger-teacher programs, and related activities on a variety of topics and for a variety of grade levels.

The following links provide examples of educational materials and upcoming professional development opportunities. For additional and more detailed information, please contact an individual RLC.

Educational Materials

Professional Development Workshops

Last updated: September 17, 2019