Spring Packing List

Classroom at Crater Lake

Spring Field Trip Clothing & Supplies Check-list

Spring snowfall at Crater Lake makes it a beautiful place to visit and explore, but one must be prepared! Snowfall averages 533 inches annually and by early spring it is typical to have 10 to 12 feet of snow on the ground. Spring daytime temperatures can range from 32° to 50°F. The wind can be fierce and the weather can change very quickly at Crater Lake!

Many students do not own all these items. Please encourage your students to borrow clothing, if possible. To ensure a safe and warm experience, students, teachers, and chaperones need the following clothing to protect them from the wind and snow:

à warm hat (students should have a hat even if their jacket has a hood)

à gloves or mittens (water resistant, “slippery” gloves work much better than fabric)

à water resistant snow boots (rubber rain boots could work with double socks) *

à long pants (snow pants are best) **

à long-underwear

à long-sleeve shirt (turtle necks are great)

à fleece sweater

à warm jacket

à scarf

à two pairs of thick socks (wool or wool blend is best)

à extra pair of dry shoes for the ride home!

à sunglasses

à sunscreen

à water bottle

à lunch (a big, healthy lunch!)

à snacks (healthy choices)

à back pack

à Optional: camera and binoculars.

It is best to have students layer their clothing and bring dry clothing to change into for the bus ride home! If students remove layers they can put items in their backpack.

*If water-proof boots are not available, wear double socks and put plastic bags over socks inside of shoes. Bread bags work well!

**If snow pants are not available, try a pair of nylon wind pants or athletic warm-up pants over two pairs of sweatpants. Blue jeans are NOT a good choice.

Note for Teachers: Please bring extra clothing for students who might not be prepared and also bring a garbage bag to pack out waste generated during your visit.

Last updated: October 20, 2017