Spring Chaperone Responsibilities

Crater Lake National Park Field Trip

Chaperone Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to accompany the class to Crater Lake National Park. Your help and leadership are both critical to the success of the field trip!

Please be sure to check the packing list and dress appropriately. Chaperones will be snowshoeing with the students and your comfort is important, too!

During this trip your assistance with the following elements will be greatly appreciated.

Safety First!
Make sure students are following all safety rules and the directions given by the ranger or group leader. Please assist students when crossing the road and remind them to not feed the animals. All trash and snack wrappers should be collected. The wind often picks up wrappers and takes them “over the rim wall.” Please help to keep the students away from the rim of the lake. In the winter, the snow is very unstable and unpredictable. It is extremely dangerous.

This trip is all about student learning.
To make students feel comfortable in your group, try to learn their names. Students often get excited when they are at the park and may need a gentle reminder to listen and show respect to the ranger leading the group. Help them with small group activities and data sheets – but let the students do the thinking and the writing! Please let the students answer the ranger’s questions.

Leaving the Group
Students may not be left unsupervised at any time during the field trip. Please remember the “rule of three” when needing to give special attention to a student (e.g. bathroom emergency, rolled ankle, etc.). The rule of three states that you should always be in a group of at least three people during school events, never allowing yourself to be alone, one on one, with a student. If the need to separate a student from the group arises, please ask another student (preferably someone the student in need is comfortable with) to join you to maintain a minimum of three people together.

No Smoking/No Cell Phones
Please refrain from smoking or vaping anywhere near the students, bus, or on any hikes. We also ask that you not take (or make) phone calls during the programs.

Have Fun!
Please take time to enjoy the beauty and wonder of Crater Lake National Park!

We couldn’t offer this amazing experience without your volunteerism!

Last updated: October 20, 2017