Citizen Science

Students monitor new growth of a mountain hemlock.
Students monitor new needle growth on a mountain hemlock.

Stephanie Duwe Photo

Research Learning Centers (RLCs) across the country provide opportunities for the public to participate in an increasingly popular pastime known as citizen science. Citizen science engages volunteers of all ages, some with little or no prior scientific training, in collecting scientific data related to important issues faced by the parks. Citizen scientists in national parks get out in the field, gain deeper knowledge about the resources in the parks, and contribute valuable information to assist the parks and monuments they love. Many participants report a greater awareness of contemporary issues, increased appreciation of the value of park resources, and a stronger sense of resource stewardship. Several citizen science programs assist parks with biodiversity studies in organized events known as "BioBlitzes."
Additionally, we are utilizing the power of citizen science in our Classroom at Crater Lake field trip programs for elementary and secondary students. Check out this page in the future to see how students are helping park scientists and managers better understand the amazing natural systems of Crater Lake National Park and how to get your students involved!

Last updated: August 30, 2022