Lily Lake Phenology

Become a citizen scientist today and collect data while walking around Lily Lake.

Collect data for what? Why?

The Lily Lake project is investigating phenology - the seasonal timing of events within biological life cycles, such as animal migration, plant flowering, and when leaves change color. The timing of such events is closely linked to climatic and environmental variables. By collecting phenology data we can gain a better understanding of how plants and animals at Rocky Mountain National Park respond as the environment changes. Whether you are a regular or one-time visitor to Lily Lake, recording your observations as you walk along the loop trail will help the park tracks changes in plant and animal activity. The data, gathered by visitors on their personal smartphones or tablets, can help determine if there are shifts in the phenology of the park’s species in this area.

Thanks for participating!
Load the data collection sheet here:
Download a printable data collection sheet here: Lily Lake Phenology Printable Data Collection Sheet
Descarga aquí una versión para imprimir la hoja para colección de datos: hoja para colección de datos de fenología del lago Lily
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Last updated: July 21, 2023