Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center

Deep in the southern end of Appalachia, you can find the Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center (AHSLC). The AHSLC promotes science literacy, stewardship, scientific inquiry, and the importance of research being applied to management decisions. This is accomplished through its world-renowned research and educational programs at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Big South Fork Recreational Area, Obed Wild and Scenic River, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Appalachian Highlands Inventory and Monitoring Network. 

From providing housing and support for visiting research scientists or helping citizen scientists discover new species, the AHSLC strives to connect the visitor experience to science relevancy in our second century. The AHSLC invites you to explore an Appalachian mountain sanctuary where life thrives, science advances, and cultural connections resonate.

Articles, Education, and Briefs

  • Featured articles help visitors learn more about science in the park.

    Featured Articles

    Featured articles share unique and intimate stories through the eyes of the researchers.

  • AHSLC Education

    AHSLC Education

    Participating in education programs at the AHSLC or one of its network parks is the best way to learn about science and research.

  • Resource Briefs

    Resource Briefs

    Resource briefs provide important information about resources and science in the park.

Last updated: May 12, 2022