See the Great American Eclipse

  • 08/21/2017 Location: Carl Hayden Visitor Center, Defiance House Lodge, Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Fee Information: There is no fee to attend this event Contact Name: Sarah Stannard Contact Email: E-Mail Us Contact Phone Number: 928-608-6354

    Please join Glen Canyon's Night Ranger team as we experience the magic of a solar eclipse! Through the lens of our specially equipped telescopes, we'll examine the Sun's brilliant face as it nearly disappears behind our passing Moon. 

    To observe the Sun safely, you need to filter out more than 99% of the Sun’s light before it reaches your eyes. It is very important that you not attempt to view the Sun without proper equipment. Paper eclipse glasses will be available for sale inside the Carl Hayden Visitor Center courtesy of our friends at Glen Canyon Natural History Association. Rangers will have solar glasses and pinhole viewers at Defiance House Lodge.

    The total phase of this eclipse is not visible in Glen Canyon, but will be observed as a partial solar eclipse. Maximum eclipse will be visible at 10:34AM, Arizona time, 11:34AM, Utah time. The eclipse will be visible in all National Park Service areas, but in totality in 21 park units. Check for more eclipse information here.