2017 Eclipse Across America at Fort Moultrie

  • 08/21/2017 Location: Fort Moultrie, Fee Information: Fee for the fort Contact Email: E-Mail Us Contact Phone Number: 843-883-3123

    Come to Fort Moultrie to observe the 2017 eclipse. Family-friendly activities will be available in the afternoon., including a special Junior Ranger program. 

    At Moultrie, the park is partnering with the College of Charleston, NASA and the National Institute of Aerospace to be one of the sites for NASA’s Space Grant Ballooning Project, which will broadcast the first-ever live-streaming video footage of an eclipse from cameras dangling from high altitude balloons in the stratosphere. Some of the students will be launching the balloon from a US Coast Guard auxiliary vessel about five miles off the coast of Charleston. While other students, alums and the NASA 360 media team will be stationed atop the Fort Moultrie Visitor Center where they will track the balloon’s location, monitor the video feed and provide information to park visitors. The public will be able to watch the live broadcast at http://nasa.gov/eclipselive

    Arrive early as space and parking will be limited. Never look directly at the sun or serious injury can occur. The parks will have limited supplies of special-purpose solar glasses that will be distributed on August 21st. Visitors are encouraged to bring snacks. A water fountain and bottle filling station are available at all sites. Sunscreen and insect repellant are recommended.

    Fort Moultrie, itself will be closed approximately 30 minutes before and after totality for visitor safety, the grounds will be open and available for watching the entire eclipse.

    Partial eclipse is predicted to start at 1:16 pm; totality will start at 2:46 pm; and will last 1 m 33 sec. for Charleston. Charleston is the last, large city in the United States where totality for the eclipse will occur.