The Pullmany Palace Car Company was founded in 1867 by George M. Pullman. The name Pullman would come to be associated with the luxurious train cars that were often called "hotels on wheels," but also labor rights, civil rights, industry, innovation, and urban planning. The stories of Pullman come together to ask "what does it mean to be American" and "who was afforded the American Dream"? Read more about these stories below.

The Basics

  • A photo portrait of George M. Pullman in black and white.

    Learn about key figures in Pullman history.

  • A black and white photo of newly built row houses in front of a dirt paved road.
    The Town of Pullman

    The town of Pullman was built to house the workers of Pullman Palace Car Company.

  • A woman carries a babies in her arms and boy is close behind looking at soldiers in street.
    The Strike of 1894

    The strike of 1894 was a national strike brought on by conditions caused by the Panic of 1893.

  • A photo portrait of a black man wearing a hat that is plated
    Pullman Porters

    The Pullman Porters and other onboard service staff found opportunity and strife on Pullman train cars.

  • A photo of shop workers at their benches.
    The Pullman Car Shops

    The Pullman company ran from 1867 - 1981 with multiple car shops across the country, including the car shops in Chicago.

  • Carton of George Pullman crushing a worker under weight named
    Fact or Fiction

    What are the more complex questions about the Pullman Story? Read more here!


Pullman Partner Pespectives

  • Front porch of Hotel Florence surrounded by blues skies and green trees.
    Pullman State Historic Site

    The Pullman State Historic Site is operated by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

  • The museum entrance with statue and brotherhood blow up photo.
    Pullman Porter Museum

    The National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum was founded in 1995 to tell the story of black labor in the United States.

  • Colorful mural on the back of a building showing workers, historic buildings, and Pullman train.
    Historic Pullman Foundation

    The Historic Pullman Foundation is the official friends group of Pullman National Historical Park.

  • Photo of the Pullman House Project visitor center.
    The Pullman House Project

    Visitors will be welcomed into several Pullman residences decorated for the period and meet Pullman families in the places they called home.


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