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As a service to the NPS Community, we will be archiving ZED related documents for your convenience:

Tick Management Handbook (An integrated guide for homeowners, pest control operators and public Health officials for the prevention of tick-borne disease, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven)

Emerging Infectious Diseases of Wildlife - Threats to Biodiversity and Human Health

Biodiversity and The Dilution Effect in Disease Ecology

Proposed oral vaccination of certain wildlife species in unit of the National Park System with an oral rabies vaccine

Finding of No Significant Impact for Oral Vaccination to Control Rabies in NPS Areas

Final Environmental Impact Statement for Oral Vaccination to Control Rabies in NPS Areas

NPS Public Health Program Comments Concerning Oral Vaccination to Control Rabies in NPS Areas

General information concerning Oral Vaccination to Control Rabies in NPS Areas


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