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The National Park Service provides food service to visitors through cooperative agreements with independent food vendors. These operations are managed through contractual agreements between the vendor and the Concessions Program, Washington Support Office (WASO). The Public Health Program provides support for these agreements through the provision of periodic food establishment assessments. The assessments are conducted on a frequency established through negotiations with the Concessions Program Manager and is published in DO-48A [pdf] (currently under revision). All assessments are done under the guidelines established in the most recent version of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code. The current version is the Food Code 2013. Summary of changes in the 2013 Food Code.

In addition to assessments conducted by the Regional Public Health Consultants or Park Sanitarians, the state public health authorities may also conduct inspections under their respective laws and regulations. Please note that each respective jurisdiction may use different versions of the FDA Food Code or their own standards that may not be related to the standards used by the Concessions Program and the professional staff of the Public Health Program.

RM83(C1) is the cover sheet for the FDA Food Code, the latest version is adopted, by reference under the guidelines of DO-48. RM83(C2) is the food safety guideline established by the National Park Service for Temporary Food Service Events.

Can a Food Establishment use produce from Farmers Markets?

Grow Your Own Food - Using Non-Approved Foods and Produce Sources for Concessions Operations

Grow Your Own - Questionnaire

Norovirus isn't just for Cruise Ships!

"Stomach-flu" causing norovirus can happen anywhere anytime and when it does, hundreds of people can get sick.

The symptoms of norovirus infection are nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea accompanied by abdominal cramps. Symptoms are usually brief and last only 1 or 2 days. However, during that brief period, people can feel very ill and vomit, often violently and without warning, many times a day.

Norovirus is easy to catch but easy to prevent. To find out more please see:

Norovirus - General Information
Norovirus - Response and Cleanup
Norovirus - Frequently Asked Questions

Backcountry Environmental Health Training Manual and Video

FDA Bioterrorism Act (leaving NPS)
FDA - Directory - State and Local Officials (leaving NPS)
FDA - Plan Review Guide (leaving NPS)
FDA - Multi-language Training Material (leaving NPS)

Multi-language Food Safety & Sanitation Training Materials (leaving NPS)
(based on 1999 FDA Food Code)

Recommended Training

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83C1 - General:
83C2 - Temporary Events:
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83F - Backcountry:
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E. coli Temporary Food Documents
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