Himalayan Blackberry

(Rubus discolor)
Himalayan Blackberry
Himalayan Blackberry near Inspiration Point.

Will Elder, NPS


Origin Of Genus Name: Rubus is Latin for "bramble."

Presidio Locations: Found in disturbed, moist areas.

Range In State: Throughout California.

Description: Introduced from Eurasia, this shrubby weed of the Rose Family has white-to-pinkish ½ inch flowers and sharply toothed, lobed leaves. The stout canes are heavily armed with curved thorns and form dense, impenetrable thickets up to 15 feet high. Although the berries are enjoyed by both people and wildlife, the seeds are dispersed by song birds, making complete eradication impractical. Himalayan Blackberry thickets can alter ecosystem functions by hindering reestablishment of native berry species and by shading out and killing smaller native species. It is distinguished from native blackberry species by the white undersides of the leaves, rather than green, and by the leaves clustering in fives instead of threes for the native species.

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Last updated: February 28, 2015

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