Greater Periwinkle

(Vinca major)
greater periwinkle
Greater Periwinkle near Battery Boutelle.

Will Elder, NPS


Origin Of Genus Name: Vinca is a Latin word meaning "to bind or conquer."

Presidio Locations: Found in ornamental planted and disturbed areas.

Range In State: Inner coastal California.

Description: This exotic, vining perennial is native to Europe and North Africa and has solitary, violet-blue flowers with 5 petals. Waxy leaves are oval with pointed tips and arranged in opposite pairs on arching stems that root at the tips and exude a milky latex when cut open. In moist and shady areas Greater Periwinkle creates a dense carpet that excludes virtually all other plant species. Blooms spring and early summer.

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Last updated: February 28, 2015

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