Ceanothus or Coast Blue Blossom

(Ceanothus thyrsiflorus)
Ceanothus or Coast Blue Blossom
Ceanothus. Its also called a California Lilac.

Will Edler, NPS


Origin Of Genus Name: Ceanothus is Latin for "thistle."

Presidio Locations: Found in coastal bluff scrub.

Range In State: Throughout California. The Presidio is the type locality for this species.

Description: This native perennial is a widely branching shrub with round, pale green twigs and short, oval, somewhat leathery leaves. Pale blue to white flowers grow in oblong clusters 2-3 inches long. Blooms March to July.

Native Californian Uses: The Pomo used the fresh or dried flowers as a soap for washing hands, face and body; mixing the flowers with water to produce a fine lather when rubbed briskly on the skin. Flowers were also used in dance wreathes at their Strawberry Festival.

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