arroyo willow riparian forest


Will Elder, NPS


Arroyo willow riparian forest is a stream or lake associated community dominated by arroyo willow, often in dense, pure stands. This riparian zone is found in the wetest portions of streambanks and lakesides.

Typical Sites at the Presidio: Bordering Lobos Creek, near Mountain Lake, and in Tennessee Hollow.

Common Native Plants

Common Name Scientific Name Family
Arroyo willow Salix lasiolepis Salicaceae
Bulrush Scirpus microcarpa Cyperaceae
Creek or American dogwood Cornus sericea Cornaceae
Lady fern Athyrium felix-femina Dryopteridaceae
Pacific wax myrtle Myrica californica Myricaceae
Scouring rush Equisetum hyemale Equisetaceae
Seep monkey flower Mimulus guttatus Scrophulariaceae
Slough sedge Carex obnuta Cyperaceae
Water parsley Oenanthe sarmentosa Apiaceae
Water smartweed Polygonum punctatum Polygonaceae

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