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To share a Presidio memory or picture, e-mail it to the editor

In the e-mail message, please include the following:

Your name and email address if you want them listed;
The years you are writing about;
Your age at the time;
Where you lived - on or off base;
Your rank if in the military;
Your connection to the Presidio if you were a civilian;
Your memories - including most vivid, most humorous or other;

If you are submitting a picture, please provide information on the subject of the image, its source and any known copyright constraints, and why it is special to you.

Please limit the attached image file size to less the 1 megabyte.

The submission of a Presidio memory or picture is no guarantee of publication. The webmaster reserves the right to exercise discretion in publishing or not publishing your submission. If accepted for web publication your image will be optimized for web publication.

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Last updated: February 28, 2015

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