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Personal memories of places and events often provide the strongest connections between people and those places and events, and memories also offer differing perspectives on the past. The telling these stories is an excellent way for park rangers to connect visitors to the history of this special place.

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You are invited to share your memories of the Presidio with the park service, and other users of this web site, who may have their own memories. Below are only a few of the many types of memories we would like you to share.

Were you at the Vietnam War Protests at the Presidio gates?
Which side of the gate were you on and how did you feel?
Were you at the Presidio during World War II?
What security measures do you remember, and how did it affect you?
Did you spend time in Letterman Hospital?
What was it like?
Did you play on the Presidio as a child?
Where did you sneak into?
Were you here during the Post closure?
How did you feel about the army leaving and the park service taking over?

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For military dependents looking to connect with others from their childhood try the link below:

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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