Architecture: Mediterranean and Italian Renaissance Revival (1920 - 1940)

Building 35 in 1919.
Constructed on the Main Post in 1912, Building 35 served as a barracks.  Photo taken in 1919.

National Park Service, GGNRA

The architectural style known as Mediterranean Revival was inspired by the design of Italian Renaissance palaces. By the turn of the twentieth century, prominent architects were designing buildings with the grand but refined look of 16th-century palaces while incorporating the advantages of new building construction technology. With its large, boxy shape; simple stucco exterior; flat roof; and decorative horizontal frieze, Building 35 is an excellent example of the Army Quartermasters' interpretation of Mediterranean Revival.
Building 35 as it appears today.
Building 35 as it appears today. Note the enclosure of the lower-level porch and the removal of the upper-level porches. The near portion of the building this side of the porch was added on in 1934.

National Park Service, GGNRA


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