Highlighted Memory

Posted: 05-Jun-08

Contributed by: Rose Eley

E-mail address: shirleyrose@live.com

Year(s): January 1968

Age at the time: 21

Lived off the post.

Civilian: ex-husband was a patient at letterman

Most vivid Presidio Memories: Honeymoon at Letterman, my ex-husband Bill and I had been recently married. Just as he was to be shipped to Viet Nam, Hill Air Force Base learned he could not sweat, and sent him to Letterman for tests. He snuck out to our motel every night. By about the third night his nurse said "Bill, it's you honeymoon, you should go be with your wife."

Humorous memories: It was Chinese New Years, we spent all of our money on stupid games in China town. The rest of the week was spent in playing ping pong with the guys in the hospital. I had a great time. We also ate most of our meals at the hospital because we were broke.

Other Memories: I often wonder what happened to those nice boys, many wounded from Viet Nam. They were wonderful to me, and I enjoyed every minute, much to the dismay of my new husband. Bill and I were married for 13 years and have three daughters and one grand daughter. He has two sons from his second marriage. We have remained friends over the years. My memories were triggered at our grand-daughters birthday party. Bill is quite ill with Parkinson’s. I flash backed to those early memories of our "honeymoon", broke in San Francisco. Ah, to be young again.

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